Personal Background

My name is Michael James Hayes, I've been exploring our planet with camera in-hand since before I could count, which admittedly was a skill that I picked up late in life. For the past 10 years I've documented moments I consider to be significant from the grand to the granular.

I've had the pleasure of visiting stunning locales, witnessing the splendors of various cultures, styles, and creations that make life the amazing experience that it is. In this journey, I've found tremendous satisfaction in observing the coalescence of the built and natural worlds and how these environs shape unique societies and distinct collective identities. 

Mayan capital city Chitchen-Itza sans tripod

Here's another glam shot. My brother Nick took this picture which he calls "Meditative Michael in a Mindless Manner"

Professional Background

Growing up a restless youth in suburban Southern California, I leapt at the chance to live in New York City. I headed east in the winter of 2010 and bounced around from high fashion to media before finding myself in design, where instantly I felt connected to my work. Here began my fascination with the art and science of accommodating people, an interest rivaled only by my attachment to the camera. Since then I've worked in marketing and branding for architectural / design firms in New York and Los Angeles, a professional pursuit rooted in my passion for urbanism.

Photographic Style

Influenced by the work of prolific designers, YouTube tutorials, my dad's Pinterest account and Architecture for Dummies, I've developed an acute eye for architectural photography and the details that define acclaimed design. I respect symmetry, embrace natural light, capture the features and highlight the character of a project to present all works in their best light. 


Trusted Experience Since early 2019