The greenhouse is the perfect union of the natural and the built world, rarely can a structure be as cohesive yet so dichotomous. In these oft forced pairings we're frequently presented with lukewarm, half-assed representations of the whole, where their sum is far less than their parts, but the greenhouse is pure.

First Factory - Los Angeles, CA

Streetscape - Lake Elsinore, CA

Main Street USA - Los Angeles, CA

Neon Brute - Los Angeles, CA

Kappe House - Pacific Palisades, CA

New Style - West Hollywood, CA

Kings Room - West Hollywood, CA

American West - Northern Idaho, ID

Gothic Quarters - Barcelona, Spain

Empty Mosque - Fez, Morocco

Private Home - Marrakech, Morocco

Wanderer - Granada, Spain

Palace Wedding - Alhambra, Spain

Fleeting Moments - Alhambra, Spain

Arcade - Los Angeles, CA

Iron Age - New York, NY

Beekman Atria - New York, NY

Bleached City - New York, NY

Same Train - Eastern Nevada, NV


No Grit - Los Angeles, CA



The intimate world is best presented void and isolated without distraction. Some forgotten, some neglected and some painfully crowded, each share moments of intrigue. Selfies aside, this is the purest portrayal of the intimate world.